El agua y sus beneficiosWater and its benefitsEl agua y sus beneficios

Water purifies, generates life, delivers energy. Feeling in the water accelerates the step of awakening, the step to a state of liberated consciousness. It does it as it is in its very nature: flowing. Your formless beingness returns you to a formless state of consciousness, to a state of union with universality, to simply being a vibrant part of Existence.

What is often difficult sitting on a bed or in a chair becomes naturally and spontaneously possible in the water. In the water you find the vital charge of the origins. Life is renewed in each of your cells. Any rigidity melts into joy of living. Life smiles at you again, giving you the confidence of the child.
Then everything is simplified: decisions, choices, answers to the challenges of daily life, difficult relationships, everything becomes more fluid, everything flows in the fluid embrace of Existence.

Water can work different types of energies of the human being, that depends on the type of activity that is made in contact with it. At Acqualian we are lovers of everything that produces an energetic and healthy lifestyle through Water.

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